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The Meaning of the School Badge

1. The only school for hearing impaired children in Okayama prefecture
(The Kanji character and shapes symbolize Okayama and a pen.)

2. Our hope that children grow up brightly and strongly.

3. 4 departments: kindergarten, elementary, junior high and senior high, and 4 aims of our education: the all-round development (intelligence, morality, and physical strength) and overcoming their disabilities.



Principle  Singo Katayama


Welcome to Our Web Page!

     This is the 106th year since our school’s foundation.
In April of 2013, Okayama prefectural Board of Education announced “the Secondary Special Support Education Promotion Project” and showed the guidelines for the following 5 years. It says that “Special Support Schools ensure their educational specialty in each kind of disability and enrich the education for children with multiple disabilities. Especially, Special Support Schools that have the vocational education course like Okayama school for the Deaf are going to discuss the best curriculum and course that meet each educational need, taking the real state of children who will enter the school into consideration from a perspective of realizing their independence and participation in society.”
We are all trying for the new start of Okayama School for the Deaf from this year.

Okayama School for the Deaf

 We’re so happy if you learn about us in today’s internationalized world.

School Missions

① We meet the educational needs of each child with a hearing disability and nurture the “zest for living.”
② We promote all-round education for children’s independence and participation in society through the continuous education from the kindergarten department to the senior high school department and their lives in the dormitory.
③ We function as the center of education for children with hearing disabilities, because we are the only school for children with hearing disabilities in Okayama.

Our Challenge

“To nurture warm hearts and a zest for living strongly”.
You can see the children’s challenges and our daily education in each department: kindergarten, elementary, junior-high, senior-high, and the dormitory
We also welcome your observation and educational consultation about hearing disabilities and learning, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

School Motto “We communicate heart to heart, and grow up together.”

The wooden plate with the school motto carved by students of the high school department

1908 Foundation of Okayama School for the Deaf
1978 Composition of the school song on the 70th anniversary
2008 Establishment of the school motto on the 100th anniversary

The school motto is the objective in school life.

We hope that each child takes independent action and solve problems voluntarily by themselves in their school life in kindergarten, elementary, junior-high, senior-high, and in the dormitory. We also hope that they grow up strongly with warm hearts interacting with people, nature, and society, and communicating with and accepting each other.

So we’d like them to improve their abilities in word expression and to deepen their communication.

And we also want them to acquire a zest for living hand in hand and to live for a bright future.

These are our hopes for children who learn here at Okayama School for the Deaf.
Education at Junior High School Department

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